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Perhaps you should be asking yourself: “Do you feel lucky, punk?” Yeah you should feel lucky because you’re at TenPointReview.com where you can review whatever your want. Each subject has a certain set of criteria, each scoring points resulting in a maximum of 10 points (how coincidental). After that, you’re free to award and punish by adding and deducting however many points you would like to for whatever you feel deserves mention.

  • If reviewing a film or television show, we aren’t concerned with a director’s legacy, or an actor’s track record, or whether a film or show was a good or bad representation of the book it was based on or the british masterpiece TV show it was pirated from. We want to know: Is it good or is it bad based on what you like or dislike.
  • Maybe a book is written well with interesting characters who don’t do anything and leave you feeling bored. Judge that book by it’s cover.
  • Tell us that the phone looked great but your short, fat fingers couldn’t navigate it.
  • Or that you paid $150 for a game you completed in a weekend and that was a rip-off!

Tell it like you would like but remember you can’t get lower than Zero or higher than Ten. See scoring criteria.

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