How to Score

Begin with these basics and from there you are free to award an deduct points based on whatever you feels is worth mention.

Film and Television:

  • Story (0-3 points) This will include the script and plot.
  • Look (0-3 points) This will include cinematography, locations, sets, wardrobe and visual effects.
  • Overall Casting (0-2 points) This will include the overall casting (duh) later you can make special mentions.
  • Commitment to Genre (0-2 points) All films and television cannot be judged equally. Depending on the genre will depend on whether it was good within that genre. For example, where a horror film can be forgiven or even awarded for some level of hokey-ness, a drama may not.


  • Story (0-3)
  • Quality of Writing (0-3)
  • Character Developments (0-2)
  • Book Design (0-2)

Video Games:

  • Graphics (0-3)
  • Playability (0-3)
  • Story (0-2)
  • Sound (0-2)

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