Chadwick Gendron

ChadBioNewBorn on the mean streets of Toronto’s sketchy Eastside Beaches slums, Chadwick barely survived his preppy and golden retriever walking environment. Having received his first break as a writer in grade 5 by the illustrious Tsolum Elementary year book, Chad proved himself on the journalistic stage with his cutting and masterful coverage of the  “bear and tuna” debacle in his first feature, “The Bear”. Chad has always been passionate about pop culture and films since well before being placated every birthday with promises of seeing the Rocky Horror Picture Show, “Oh, it’s not playing right now,” his mother would say, “maybe next year.”

The creator of cultural phenomena’s such as Canadian Culture Thing, Valhalla CardsEff U Letters and the sensational Ten Point Review, Chad manages to bring his mastery of the written and spoken word to the little people with his superior air of humility. While you would never hear him boasting, Chad manages to see a lot of movies considering how busy his celebrity must keep him. Be sure to download Chad’s Christmas song as it would be sacrilege not to because Christmas commemorates Jesus’ birthday.

Ross the Boss

TPR Ross Bio PhotoThis much we know about Ross: he’s not a god, at least according to a hugely popular song for which there was exactly 1 CD released. While clearly reveling in his man-of-mystery persona, some facts are known: standing at 6’3¼” (in his Iron Man…errr…his Robert Downey Jr. heels) Ross is the tallest of the TPR reviewers. Born and raised in Willowdale, ON, his early life was idyllic what with the road hockey, tobogganing, Cub Scouts, GI Joe action figures and other stuff that all boys enjoy. Sadly, this all came to a crashing end when under State pressure he attended Queen’s University at Kingston, the institution of higher learning to which he had voluntarily applied. This was followed by a year-and-a-half trip around the world which included working on a German cargo ship and backpacking across Australia. Fair dinkum.

Ross’ love of movies began with seeing the original ‘Star Wars’ (1977) in the cinema and has continued unabated to this very day. While this doesn’t mean he’s competent enough to post movie reviews on TPR, being friends with Chadwick does. So there.

William Hunter bio coming soon!

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