For A Good Time, Call… (2012)


This film is everything that I’m glad “Girls” is not. I like Girls but I just don’t think I could bear all this dirty talk with all that ass. Struggling to pay their rent, two women start a phone-sex line from their New York City apartment. In the great tradition of the Odd Couple, the vivacious Katie (Ari Graynor) and the boring Lauren (Lauren Miller) become the most unlikely of best friends. Katie becomes more boring and Lauren comes out of her shell. There’s the middle ground, baby. Their sexually ambiguous friend Jesse (Justin Long) is emphatic about their new business and no one seems to think twice about all of the giant dildos on the coffee table when Lauren’s parents (Mimi Rogers and Don McManus) drop by unannounced. All that while making a tonne of cash! After they make $12,000 US ($5000 Canadian) in one week, it really makes you want to start a phone sex-line business. I’ve started practicing so if you know me, expect the occasional crank-call. This is a bit of offbeat fun with some amusing call-in cameos.

The Story gets a +1 because it was good but a bit cliché. The Look scores a +2. The Overall Casting scores a +2 as everyone was great. The Commitment to Genre scores a +2 as everything was right while also being a little edgy and risqué with the subject.

Subtotal: +7

I’m going to award a an extra point (+1) for the piss in the cup which caught me off guard and made me laugh out loud. I’ll throw in an extra point for some pretty hilarious cameos by Kevin Smith and Seth Rogen (+1) but I’ll deduct one (-1) for where Kevin Smith is for his cameo because I think it’s just stupid. Lastly, an honourable mention for the conversation in the final scene which I thought was a great and silly finale.

Total: +8

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