Hangover Part III (2013)


The Hangover was hmmm…how do you say? Cinema Merde! The everything was shit in this one!

It had none of the funny from the first one and none of the less funny from the second. Here’s a film made by some greedy executives who didn’t give a flying fuck if the story was any good.

Let’s make this quick and painless unlike the Hangover Part III, that is barely worthy of being a kernel of corn in the steaming shit that was License to Kill!

The Story gets +0 because it’s stupid and redundant. The Look also gets a zero (+0) because in the opening scene that guy with the beard decapitates a giraffe in a ha-ha scene, and they completely lose me. I spent the rest of the film thinking that everything else that followed was terrible and I watched the film through bored and disappointed eyes. The Overall Casting gets a +1 earned entirely by the scenes with Melissa McCartney and Zach Galifianakis at the pawn shop. Even Ken Jeong’s “I love cocaine!” line didn’t help. These actors are better than this movie. This film might have been saved if they had used the cast of Hammy Hamster instead because we have then more interested in the trained rodents.The Commitment to Genre earns another +0 as it fails comedy.

Subtotal: +1.

I will then strip it of it’s lowly +1 because I feel taken advantage of by the makers of this thing. It wouldn’t be worth buying this for $2.50 from a video-pirate, your money would be better spent on cigarettes for your kids. Did I mention I didn’t like it.

I will add a point for the sucker +1 and then deduct a point -1 because they were locked in the basement they couldn’t break down a wooden door with a sledgehammer after they had just smashed through a brick wall.

Final score: +0. This film is making me rethink the whole not below zero thing.

They don’t deserve to have a trailer shown.

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