Iron Man 2 Movie (2010)

ironman2 Widow

I just saw Iron Man 2. It should have been called Tony Stark. I’ll give it a generous 6. 10 -2 (Scarlett Johansson), -2 (lack of Iron Man), +2 (Gweneth Paltrow), +0 (Don Cheadle), -2 (Don Cheadle choosing an Iron Man fist-fight with his drunk friend as best choice to diffuse the situation), -2 (Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury coat – it really almost makes his scenes unwatchable), +2 (Mickey Rourke), -0 (Thor teaser).

Originally posted on Facebook May 21, 2010

1 thought on “Iron Man 2 Movie (2010)

  1. Gwyneth deserves more than +2, and I would deduct 2 points for Mickey’s overindulgence in his acting ‘style’ (the toothpick, the stringy/greasy hair, the mumble – you get the idea). Sam Jackson actually quite annoyed me in this one (unlike Iron Man 1) but -2 seems fair. As for the first-ever shot of Mjolinir on film, I’d award that a +2. For some reason, I liked the balance of gravitas and playfulness that Terrance Howard brought to the role of Rhodey in the first movie; Don Cheadle just seemed like a dick in this one.

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