The Crappy Horror Picture Show!

Crappy Horror
This picture sums it all up. It looks like the entire cast is asking “Why am I here?”

The play is constantly done by different actors all over the world. Fine. But why remake a perfect movie, and a movie that belongs only in 1975? This is a film about sexuality. Films today skirt around sex and bombard us with violence. I’m pretty sure this Made-for-TV version will be mildly suggestive at best.

The casting of a transgendered person is a bit obvious and belittling to the transgendered community by reducing them to fetishistic role-players, who are so confused in their own sexuality that they just want to sleep with everyone…unless, of course, they remove the sexuality altogether.

Remaking the Rocky Horror Picture Show is an affront to filmmaking and I’m sure won’t be worthy of sitting on the table stacked with bad and pointless remakes like Robocop, only worthy of being jammed under a leg to stop the table from wobbling. Young people don’t need a remake to watch a movie, they will rediscover these great films, and if they don’t – so what? There are many Millennials out there who still haven’t seen Star Wars so should we remake it? Nope (Although we should remake Episodes I, II & III – Sheesh). As a I will rate this without seeing it at a whopping 0.

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