Margin Call (2011)


Margin call is a vague and pointless film about something that was never properly explained.

All I could piece together is that they did some money thing that they thought made sense based on an equation that in the end didn’t make sense because it was “broken”. Then they decided to sell some stuff off though it wasn’t the right thing to do and they knew it, and then everybody got fired because of some reason yet the boss-men kept their jobs and they were going to make a lot of money coming out of this thing. Pant-pant-pant.

The Story gets +0 because it was empty and uncertain. The Look gets +1 because it’s wasn’t good or bad. The Overall Casting gets a+1 but going forward with future reviews I may be more critical about these actors including the great Kevin Spacey. The Commitment to Genre would get a a +2 if the genre was shit in a dustpan, but considering that if the genre was merely “movie” it would fail (+0).

Subtotal: +2

I will then strip it of both points because it wasted my fucking time.

Instead of watching this movie you could smack yourself in the face with slices of aged salami or spit avocado on your crouch. Or maybe you could wet your feet and step into a box of cat litter. Whatever the choice, it would make more sense than Margin Call.

Maybe you could just listen to this, perhaps the inspiration for the film..Play Me

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