Premium Rush (2012)


What do you get when you mix bicycle couriers in New York City with corrupt cops, the Chinese Mafia and an envelope that everyone wants? You get shenanigans a-plenty! Starring one-time Third Rock from the Sun alien visitor, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Premium Rush is a fun bike ride through New York City traffic where every scene is a race with time. Ye-Haw! Wilee (Gordon-Levitt) is the super-bike-courier, existing on the fringe even though he’s really a law-school graduate and probably a genius, who discovers the hard way that he has a cash marker that everyone wants. The corrupt, short-fused detective (Michael Shannon, General Zod in the upcoming Man of Steel) has gambling problems and owes a lot of money so decides to steal it from Nima (Jamie Chung) who has paid gangsters to smuggle her son from China, the receipt is a small piece of paper with a happy face on it…Zip here, zip there, blah, blah, blah. I think you get the drift.

Story: +2 because while there were no twists or turns except actually and not figuratively. Having said that, it was still fun to watch. The Look gets a +2 as well because it was well shot but the CGI looked fake. Overall Casting was good and gets a fair +2 although there are no extra points to come. Commitment to Genre totally gets a +2. As far a hijinks on-the-run films go it was no Blues Brothers but it was still fun and never really gets that stupid.

Subtotal: +8

I’m going to deduct -1 for WolĂ© Parks who was really irritating for the most part. I hate when people don’t listen and that’s the only reason the story carries forth.

That’s it: +7.

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