Moonrise Kingdom (2012)

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I absolutely loved this movie. Wes Anderson never lets me down and Roman Coppola is pretty great as well. This movie was art from beginning to end without being pretentious. You could take a still from just about every scene, frame it and hang it on your wall.

Using the new scoring system:

The story (0-3) scores a big 3. It’s a wonderful love story that isn’t stupid, no soft focus, no head turn with a tear rolling down a cheek, no bullshit. The Look (0-3) also scores a perfect 3. No one can touch the perfection that is the look of a Wes Anderson movie. The Overall Casting (0-2) also scores a top-notch 2 for the best of the two young stars Jared Gilman & Kara Hayward, not to mention their supporting cast of Bill Murray, Bruce Willis, Edward Norton and an appearance by Harvey Keitel (IMDb has him listed 40th in their cast list?). The Commitment to Genre (0-2) scores a perfect 2 as the whatever genre this film falls under, and it could very well be the Wes Anderson genre, this one couldn’t have been better!

Review Subtotal: Ten Points!

As I go over the film in my mind, rolling it around my mind’s fingers, I find that while there might be a number of extra points for things like: every actor in the film was fantastic including the ¬†young cast that makes the Bad News Bears look like the amateurs they more or less were; or the left-handed scissors; or corn-cob pipe…I cannot think a single, solitary thing that warrants a point deduction and since this is the Ten Point Review and not the Fifteen or Sixteen Point Review I will be forced to feel satisfied giving Moonrise Kingdom a Big Ten!


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  1. I’d have to agree, although it’s no fun if I do. I think this was his most assured and accomplished film to-date, and even Bruce Willis in a bad wig didn’t hurt it (no minuses).

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